Sports Betting In New York

It used to be that, if you wanted to talk about sports betting in New York, you were going to be in for pretty short conversation as there were no sanctioned outlets at which residents and visitors can enjoy your hobby. Believe it or not, New York was one of the most conservative states in the country - though that is certainly not the case anymore, and, suffice it to say that New York has changed with the times, and – that is particularly true with regard to legalized sports betting. In fact, with regard to offering legal sports betting in New York, the public and politicians alike are primed to start welcoming their state’s first official sportsbook in the very near future – it’s all thanks to the May 14, 2018, decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn a key piece of federal anti-sports betting legislation.

The decision to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) and to have it declared unconstitutional was a landmark 6-3 majority decision. Justices John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Elana Kagan, Neil Gorsuch, Anthony Kennedy and Clarence Thomas were in the majority, while Justice Stephen Breyer issued a concurring but separate opinion, and Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissented. While this is certainly the case, and while it is true that sports betting may soon be available in New York, access to legal online sportsbooks based overseas will not affected by this Supreme Court decision, even as legal land-based sports betting outlets get up and running at NY casinos, race track facilities and maybe online too.

However, with all these big changes coming down the pipe soon, we understand that even the sharpest sports betting enthusiasts could get a little lost trying to keep up in these dynamic time that we are living in in the post-PASPA world. That’s where this handy guide to sports betting in New York comes in: we aim to help ease any remaining concerns you may have about legally placing wagers on your favorite teams, athletes and events and even makes suggestions about the best sites for residents to use. Additionally, we will take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions related to the hobby in the Empire State so you can have all the info that you are likely to need in order to get started picking winners.

Does New York Have Legal Land-Based Sports Betting?

Like most states, New York was not – until quite recently – legally able to authorize any of its casinos and horse racing track facilities to offer sports betting services for their customers. However, the US Supreme Court’s May 14, 2018, decision to strike down PASPA has, technically speaking, thrown the door wide open for NY and any other state that so desires to begin passing laws to legalize sports betting within their jurisdictions. That makes answering the question of whether or not New York has legal land-based sports betting opportunities a little more of a nuanced affair.

On one hand, NY does not, as yet, have any land-based sports gambling outlets, but, on the other hand, it probably will in the very near future. That’s because New York’s lawmakers put a referendum on legal sports betting before their voters back in 2014 and – to nobody’s great surprise – it turns out that New Yorkers are by and large in favor of being able to wager on their favorite sports teams. All that needed to happen before this law took effect was for PASPA to be repealed or overturned, so now that the situation has changed, it remains for legislators in the Empire state to finalize regulatory legislation for the newly minted sports betting industry.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In New York?

One of the best parts about being into sports betting in New York is that the Empire States has yet to pass any laws that that explicitly prohibit online gambling of any sort. Because online gambling is unregulated (for now, though in the near future this will change as new regulatory laws are passed), in-state residents will not get into trouble for betting on sports at internet sportsbooks based in foreign countries were US laws do not apply in the first place. This will likely remain the case for a short time as the state’s lawmakers decide what to do regarding regulating the mobile sports betting options discussed in the several state Senate and Assembly bills floating around and awaiting final approval.

If you decide to place wagers at legal offshore sportsbook websites in the meantime, you can rest easy known that no person has ever been penalized for using an online sports betting site in the New York. You can be sure that choosing any of the sites that we link to will give you a safe way to play for real money online. That will be true even after the official state-sanctioned sportsbooks go online, so there is no need for concern.

Facts About Legal Online Sports Betting In New York

  • New York Has One Of The Fastest Growing Online Sports Betting Communities
  • Nearly All The Best Online Sports Books Accept New York Residents
  • Betting On Sports Online Is Legal In New York
  • Many New York Online Sports Betting Sites Have Casinos And Poker Rooms To Enjoy As Well

New York Sports Betting Laws

Since the federal government regulates sports betting in America, most individual state laws do not include any statutes for it. New York falls into this category, and there is no mention of online sports betting in the legal language. Therefore, you will not be breaking any state laws when using an online sportsbook that accepts New York residents.

The federal laws only require a few things in order for an online sports betting site to function legally for New York players. The Federal Wire Act makes it necessary for these sites to operate outside of the nation in order to serve players in the U.S. As long as a site is established overseas, it is in accordance with US laws. All of the sites that we review function in places like Canada and the UK, where they are allowed to prosper. The other federal stipulation is that these sites do not send money directly to credit cards. These sites get around this by utilizing many funding options that get players their winnings fast, efficiently, and safely.

How Does The Supreme Court Decision Affect New York Sports Betting Laws?

For nearly a quarter century the federal government has regulated sports betting in America through PASPA, a law that limited sports betting in any meaningful sense to the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Consequently, most individual states did not have laws specifically addressing the activity, even if they had extensive rules about other allowable forms of gambling. New York fell into this category until comparatively recently, but in 2014 the state’s lawmakers passed legislation (which was later approved via voter referendum) that would allow the Empire State’s casinos and horse racing tracks to open sportsbooks legally, provided that PASPA was repealed, struck down or otherwise done away with.

Now that PASPA has been declared unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court there nothing stopping the state of New York from passing laws to regulate the practice of sports betting as it sees fit. Among the proposed bills put forward by the state Assembly and Senate are SB 1282, SB 7900 and A 5428, all of which related to regulating various sports betting activities, including mobile sports wagering. However, there is still no mention of online sports betting in the legal language, which means that, just like before May 2018, you will not be breaking any state laws when using an online sportsbook that accepts New York residents.

Which Sports Betting Sites Accept New York Residents?

Due to the fact that no legislation is in place to prevent New York residents from betting on online sports, there are plenty of options for gambling enthusiasts. The challenge, though, is to find a sports betting website that offers a safe, reliable platform that allows you to bet on your favorite sports matches. Many of these sites offer everything from hockey and golf to tennis and horse racing.

That said, it is important to find a real-money website that is easy for you to navigate and that has the customer service you deserve to optimize your experience.

Bovada Sportsbook - $250 Welcome Bonus For New York Residents

Bovada SportsbookAfter a long, confusing hiatus, Bovada is now available to New York residents who wish to wager on sports over the Internet! As the most award-winning, best sportsbook for US gamblers, Bovada has been at the top of its game for over a decade, with a management team that was among the pioneers who built online casino gaming, poker, and sports betting. When it comes to the latter, Bovada has no competition, and with their relaunch in New York, the market leader hopes to extend that lead in a big way.

And that shouldn’t be hard. Bovada has not only the best desktop and mobile sports betting interface in the industry, they’ve also got the most streamlined banking and bonus options. Signing up at Bovada is 100% safe, secure, free, and legal, and New York residents who join now can get a generous $250 Sports Welcome Bonus that has the industry’s lowest rollover requirements – just 5%! If you want to enjoy the best gambling and sports betting product on the Internet, join Bovada today! (Note: Bovada is not currently accepting residents of Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey, or Maryland.)

BetOnline Sportsbook - Trusted For All New York Residents At Least 18 Years Old

BetOnline SportsbookBetOnline is our favorite sportsbook and they feature everything that New York residents are looking for. Whether you are looking to bet on the New York Yankees or the New York Giants, BetOnline will have what you are looking for.

They have great bonuses, easy deposit options, as well as some of the fast payouts found anywhere for after you win a couple of bets and are ready to cash out. Overall, we pick this as the best online sportsbook that accepts New York residents.

SportsBetting - Mobile Sports Betting + Other Options For Placing Online Wagers

SportsBetting is another one of our favorite legal sports betting sites that accept New York residents. This should be no surprise since they are owned and operated by the same company that runs BetOnline. has been featured on CNBC, Fox Sports, ESPN, and a lot more because of their great reputation and easy layout.

They have awesome deposit bonuses on every deposit that is made and plenty of ways to make them deposits. You can not go wrong with if you live in New York State.

5Dimes Sportsbook - The Leader For Online Parlay Wagering In New York

5Dimes SportsbookAnother one of the best New York online sportsbooks is 5 Dimes. They are more than 10 years old and their reputation is second to none. 5 Dimes has all kinds of great features including live betting odds, multi chance parlays, reduced juice, and a whole lot more.

One of the best features is the fact that you can move the betting lines all kinds of different ways on almost any bet. If you sign up at this New York sportsbook, you can expect fast payouts, great customer support, and just an awesome overall sportsbook.

Pro Teams To Bet On In New York

The Yankees vs Red Sox rivalry is one of the most aggressive and historic in the sports world. Now you can wager on these intense duels, as well as the Mets at the Yankees, and so on. New York has one of the most colorful sports industries in the nation and you can now get in on some real money action legally over the internet. Check out a Nicks or a Liberty game is you like to watch the basketball court heat up. In addition, don’t forget that these sites let you wager on live games for Sports betting in New York, as the odds change in real time.

For football, you have the powerhouses that are the Giants and the Jets. What could be more fun than watching a historical New York team kick up some dust while putting some cold hard cash on the outcome? These sites have industry-leading odds and lines on all major and minor leagues, teams, and events. Hockey fans will find lines on all the Rangers games, and soccer buffs will be able to wager some shekels on the beloved Red Bulls.

Does New York Allow Pari-Mutuel Betting?

Pari-mutuel betting on thoroughbreds is a big opportunity for New York residents. Many of the tracks in the state are actually considered “racinos,” or racetrack casinos with electronic gambling options (which include slots, video poker, and sometimes table games). Greyhound racing, on the other hand, has fallen out of popular demand lately and there are no actual tracks for it in New York at this time.

Some of the most popular horse betting tracks in New York include: Yonkers Raceway, Saratoga Race Course, Aqueduct Racetrack + Belmont Park

Other Types Of Gambling Available In New York

New York has plenty of gambling options for in-state residents, especially since a handful of commercial casinos are underway throughout the state. There are also eight tribal (Native American) casinos in the state. These types of casinos are exempt from many state laws because they are located on sovereign land.

New York residents can also play the state’s lottery, go into one of dozens of bingo halls, play online casino games and bet on sports on Web-based platforms.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet Sports Online In New York?

You must be at least 21 years old to bet on sports in New York but there aren’t any options to do so (except for pair-mutual wagers on horse racing). The only way to enjoy sports betting in New York is to use the offshore gambling sites we have recommended and reviewed on this page. You will notice that they allow players 18 years or older to join their site but we advise that you ignore that and refer to the state gambling law of 21 years old. Don’t put yourself at risk of trouble by betting underage and ruin your future gambling experiences.

What Teams Can I Bet On In New York?

New York is stuffed to the brim with popular sports teams especially when discussing teams on the professional level. The New York Jets (NFL) technically play in New Jersey but they are called the NEW YORK Jets so they are considered a New York Team. They also have the Giants (NFL), the Rangers (NHL), the Knicks (NBA), the Brooklyn Nets (NBA), the Mets (MLB), of course, the Yankees (MLB), the Liberty (WNBA), and finally the Red Bulls of the MLS.

Best Deposit Methods For New York Residents!

The most popular deposit method for New York residents is definitely Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Dash. Even though most of the leading offshore sportsbook sites accept VISA and MasterCard, more and more account holders are starting to see the advantages of using cryptocurrencies for making deposits. Bitcoin and other cryptos have no fees associated with making deposits, and they also have some of the highest limits and the quickest turnaround times per each transaction. Using Bitcoin is also probably the safest way to bank at an online gambling site, making it the ideal method for securely bankrolling your betting account.

High Roller Sports Betting Sites

The best high roller betting sites have to offer the best high roller banking method, Bitcoin. We mentioned earlier that Bitcoin has the highest limits of any banking method offered at the major online sportsbooks which make it the best banking method for big spenders. Bovada, BetOnline, and all accept Bitcoin as a form of depositing money and accepting payouts, though, the limits vary at each outlet. No matter which site for sports betting in New York you choose you are sure to be satisfied so you can’t go wrong with any of them.